Authentic pub food, done well.

All the classics for quintessential pub dining and plenty of small plates great for drinking.

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Our Suppliers

Aubrey Allen selects only the top 4% of the best beef cattle in the British Isles. Living in a country where 65% of all pastures can or should only be used for grazing, raising grass-fed herds not only imparts flavour, but the natural rotation farming also works in harmony with nature. Allowing you to eat ethically reared, sustainable meat with a clear conscience.

And that’s before we start on their world-renowned dry-aging process. No wonder they’ve got the Royal Warrant.


We’ve got some great dishes coming up that just work so much better when for two – bone in rib of beef springs to mind. As does a fish pie for two. We’ve also got a superb free-range pork cutlet on the bone that retains its moisture much better as a larger cut.

Available from 4th – 14th February.

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Lazy Sunday's

Sundays are extra special at The Pied Bull. Whether a quiet perusal over the Sunday papers or somewhere for the family to get together, it is the perfect spot to enjoy one of our Sunday Roasts.